New Jersey allows exceptions for tinted windows, called “sun protection,” outside of legal restrictions with a medical exemption. Before you decide if you want your car windows to be tinted, it`s best to review these other laws in addition to the basic laws that tell you how well you can tint your windows and how reflective they can be. Here are some other important things to keep in mind before making a final decision. The windshield of passenger cars must not have a dark tint, although a non-reflective tint is an option for the upper part of the window (six inches). The court case involves David Smith, who one night in 2018 ran after a car full of Trenton police officers at a traffic light. One of the detectives testified that he suspected the windows of the Ford Taurus were tinted and they arrested him for the traffic violation. New Jersey`s laws on window tint are among the most permissive rules for tinting car windows in the country and are also the easiest to understand laws on window tint, as the same rules apply to all side and rear windows, regardless of vehicle type. While some states have different rules for different windows of different types of cars (front side windows often have a different VLT rating for darkness — or visible light — than, say, rear windows, and larger cars and vehicles often have different laws), New Jersey`s rules are simple and clear. That said, penalties for window tint violations in New Jersey are among the toughest in the country, with a single New Jersey window tint ticket often a very hefty fine, and with a second penalty and subsequent penalties assessed at rates so high they can cost more than you would pay for a decent used car. Therefore, we will explain in detail the exact regulations of the window tint of New Jersey, because it is simply not worth risking an illegal tint ticket in New Jersey, especially if almost all car colors are legal in the state.

New Jersey Window Tint Act. So don`t let it break you! Before applying tinted window films to your vehicle, be aware that laws may vary from state to state and province to province. That said, research your state`s laws and regulations, you can find this information from your local police department. Therefore, make sure you follow all applicable standards. You may also notice that your tinted vehicle is cooler inside, even during the warmer months (and after hours in direct sunlight). New Jersey law is generally quite loose when it comes to tinted windows. As already mentioned, no nuances are expressly prohibited. Double-sided mirrors are necessary when the rear windows are tinted, but this is true in almost every state and is also a simple common-sense measure. New Jersey car window tint manufacturers, sellers, or installers don`t need certification, and motorists don`t have to put tint stickers on tinted windows as legal. New Jersey allows some medical exceptions to window tint laws, so if you feel like you need a windshield tint to lessen the effects of an eye or skin health condition, talk to a doctor about distributing a darker shade. However, most of the medical problems alleviated by the tint of the car windows are already solved by the dark tint that is allowed on all other windows.

In all cases, the restrictions apply to the tint of New Jersey windows. The certificate must contain information about the tint product or sunscreen used, the manufacturer and the location of the shade (the specific appliance or store). Before investing in a tint treatment, make sure the technician is certified and familiar with state laws to avoid legal problems. Wow, I hope you fought against this stupid post. The default tint is minimal and I think 99% of cars have it and you`ve been harassed. Legal dye limit for passenger cars in New Jersey If you violate New Jersey`s automotive color laws, fines can be severe. Windshield tint, reflective window tint, and other violations of New Jersey`s hue rules can result in a fine of up to $1,000, even for a first offense, while the second window tint ticket can be assessed at a rate of up to $5,000. This means that if you don`t quickly remove your illegal window tint after an initial window tint quote, you could end up with $6,000 in fines and costs just for installation. Window-tinted bills are easy to avoid in New Jersey thanks to largely permissive laws.

Don`t push your luck with a glass tint of an illegal finish or a tint applied to the windshield unless you have legitimate and solid evidence of an exception to the tint of the glass. I have a factory tint on the front windows, it`s glass, what can I do, I have a ticket for it. The dye treatment provides the glass with another layer of reinforcement.