Sixteen sets of figures have been released, although there is talk of another company buying the rights to the game and continuing the line. Each of the first ten sets contains sixty figures of varying rarity. Later series, beginning with Clone Wars, feature forty characters: “Rules?. We don`t need smelly rules! – Dave – Chief Rules Lawyer If you have questions about the Star Wars miniatures game, you`ve come to the right place. On the left, you will find the official resources of the rules of the game. These are the final rules documents from the time Wizards of the Coast stopped play. The gaming community continued to release “virtual” sets. These sets consist of new maps/statistics that can be used with existing WotC tiles. These community-developed cards can be used in tournaments sponsored by the player community.

(As of June 2011, the most active online communities for Star Wars miniatures players are on and Here you will find information about tournaments and virtual sets.) Here are the virtual settings: Clone Wars Miniatures Preview 5 Clone Wars prev. 1 of 3 04.27.2010 11:37 PM Clone Wars Miniatures Preview 5 Heavy Clone Trooper and Super Battle Droid Sterling Hershey On October 31, Wizards of the Coast will release Clone Wars, the next set in the Star Wars miniatures game. Today, we`re showcasing two final previews of the board: the Heavy Clone Trooper and the Super Battle Droid. Clone Wars Preview Archive Preview 1: Yoda on Kybuck and General Grievous, commander of the droid army Preview 2: ARC Trooper Sniper Preview 3: Trandoshan Scavenger and Quarren Isolationist Preview 4: Hologram Darth Sidious and human soldier of fortune Clone Heavy Trooper Among the millions of clone soldiers Fighting Separatists across the galaxy are many units with specialized training. A frequently used unit is the heavy clone soldier. Although the heavy clone soldier is very similar to a standard clone soldier in many ways, he carries a much heavier weapon: the light repeater blaster. The automatic weapon fire allows the soldier to place a stream of blaster fire in a small area, usually shredding all the droids in the process. In the Star Wars Miniatures game, the Heavy Clone Trooper is similar to the previously released Heavy Stormtrooper and Heavy Rebel Trooper. He is a slightly upgraded soldier who can deal a large amount of damage at the expense of movement. As a clone soldier, the Heavy also earns Order 66. It costs 4 points more than a standard clone soldier, for which it gets twice as many hit points, a slightly increased defense rating, an impressive attack score, and the ability to deal 30 damage points.

If you`re designing a squad that can handle a unit that shoots better from cover and moves as little as possible, the extra damage can be a huge advantage, especially when it comes to the +9 attack rating. additional attacks) to increase their versatility and effectiveness. Group: Republic Cost: 13 Health Points: 20 Defense: 14 Attack: +9 Damage:30 Special Abilities: Order 66, Star Wars Miniatures Heavy Weapon Game Statistics Map Overview Heavy Clone Trooper CL 2 Medium Human Non-heroic 9 Init +10; Feels vision in low light conditions; Perception +10 languages Basic On the right, there are useful guides for some of the tricky rule situations. You can ask questions about the rules here in the SWM Rules FAQ. Here you can get official feedback from our rules lawyers. Below, under Tournament Information, you`ll find the resources you need to host a tournament. The list of legal cards, the rules for organizing a tournament (i.e. the rules of the ground) and the current list of errata. STAR WARS Miniatures DCI Stage Rules Effective Date : July 17, 2009IntroductionThe Star Wars Miniatures DCI Rules and Star Wars Miniatures Game Rules must be read and understood by all players wishing to participate in sanctioned events. All DCI members participating in DCI-sanctioned Star Wars Miniature events must comply with the SE rules. Two of the r documents – the DCI Universal Tournament Rules and the DCI Penalty Guidelines – are used by organizers and judges who want to understand thedetails of the organizationand conduct of sanctionedevents and howjudging DCI events should work.

These documents are available at www. For errata and the Star Wars Miniatures FAQ, see A: Changes from Previous VersionsAppendix B: Definition 600. STAR WARS601 MINIATURES TOURNAMENT GENERAL RULES. FormatkategorienDie DCI sanktioniert die folgenden Formate:Built¢ 100 points built¢ 100 points dynamic duo 150 points built¢ 200 points built¢ 100 points sealed 100 points Booster Pack Draft⢠150 points sealed 150 points Booster Pack Draft602.